March 11th, 2018: BIG UPDATE!

In a nutshell…

Girlfriend and I moved into a new apartment complex sometime last month. We’re paying 136 dollars more than our previous apartment, but that extra 136 dollars comes with:

  1.  A fireplace (that we probably will never use)
  2. A second bedroom (which I have made into a gaming room)
  3. A second bathroom
  4. A second walk-in closet
  5. A gated community
  6. Larger floor plan

The community is also higher rated, and closer to my girlfriend’s work.

So far, we’ve experienced a couple of issues:

  1. We do see baby roaches every once in a while, despite being on the top floor and them saying they don’t have an issue with bugs.
  2. The bathroom tubs were cheaply placed because they make a lot of noise when you move around in them.
  3. The parking lot is not lighted well, so it’s hard to see the lines at night. Also, good parking is hard to come by.

Other than that, we do love our apartment. I bought a gate opener for 50 bucks, so I never really had an issue with the gate unless there’s a line of entitled people who start looking for their card in their pile of shit after they reach the gate. The location on the public road isn’t superb, but I’ve been figuring out better routes to and from work that make the drive more bearable. I spend more time on the highway, and less time waiting at stop lights.

Aside from the inconvenience of having an apartment complex that’s on the third floor, I am happy with the decision we made to move despite the setbacks we’ve had. The biggest setback we’ve had was choosing to hire professional movers. We spent 600-700 dollars on professional movers, a supposed respectable moving company (with high ratings), and we got sloppy work. Most of our furniture was damaged in some way. Fortunately, my 65′ and 50′ 4K TV’s weren’t damaged, but I would’ve been better off hiring some co-workers to help me move, and use that 700 dollars to order plenty of pizza, and put it towards a down payment on a house.

Our first big purchase was a new mattress. We bought an 850 dollar mattress, on sale, at the place we ordered our couch from. The mattress ended up being very tall on our bed, so it was a hassle getting into bed. Another issue we had was the annoying sounds it made when we moved. It drove me nuts until I literally bribed my girlfriend into putting the mattress & box spring on the floor so we would eliminate all the issues. Originally, she accepted my 600 dollar bribe (yes…600 dollars for her approval on taking apart the bed frame and putting the mattress on the floor), but later decided that she didn’t want to take my money like that. Luckily, I have an understanding girlfriend; otherwise, I would’ve owed her 600 dollars on top of the money I had already owed her (which was over a thousand dollars at the time).

The appliances for the apartment are…apartment appliances. We didn’t get the fancy apartment complex, so we signed up for the piece of shit. On the bright side, we actually had to have a dishwasher replaced due to a big water leak, so now we have a new dishwasher. We haven’t had an issue with the oven like we did with our last apartment, which is great, but the issues with it are so small that it’s not even worth mentioning. At this point, I’m just being a white person wanting to complain, so let’s move on.

Originally, and perhaps I’ve mentioned this in a previous blog, there was a possibility of me moving up in the company. The reason why we didn’t consider getting a house was because my life was in limbo since November of last year. There’s been a lot of talk about people moving up in the company which would open up potential positions for people like me. With everything that was going on, I felt like everything made sense, and I was absolutely so sure that I was going to get a certain position when it opened up. Well, long story short…that position opened up, and I didn’t get it.

I was livid, to say the least.

There’s a lot of speculation on why I didn’t get the position. I never bothered to ask why because it’s in poor taste to ask such a question when they’ve potentially offered you a better position long-term, and I turned it down. All that I know is that the guy who got the position specified that he was not mobile, and that I specified that I was mobile. For that, I have myself to blame. After all, there’s a sheet on my record that clearly states that I’m mobile. However, when they say mobile…they really mean mobile. They offered me a training program into management, but…they didn’t give me any details on where I was going to end up. If I was a single dude with no financial obligations, I’d be fine with that; however, I’ve got a girlfriend that I can’t financially afford for her to quit her job, and she doesn’t have the luxury to upfront transfer into the position she is, or desires. It would’ve been a huge setback for the both of us, and I actually make more money than the starting salary they said they’d give me.

Knowing that I could be having my girlfriend give up her dream of having children, I don’t want to put her through more than I already have. I, too, have dreams of owning a home, having big dogs, and doing all these great things together, but I can’t live my life bouncing from place to place in the hopes that one day I’ll make enough money for her to quit her job, and I can finally throw in the towel and say that I don’t want to move up anymore.

It was a tough decision because I worked hard to get to that point. However, all is not lost. One of my bosses is trying to hook me up with a different position that consists of more hours so, at the very least, I’ll be making more money down the road. Perhaps it’ll lead into different opportunities.

Technically, there’s still a position open that I could get, but because I denied moving up in general, I can’t move up within the facility. At this point, I’m whatever. It sucks that things fell apart like that, but on the bright side…I know I won’t be moving to a different location which opens up opportunity for us to buy a house in the near future. We’re gonna give it about a year, evaluate where we’re at financially, and see what we can afford. We might wait two years, even. Maybe even three. However, our next big thing is buying a house. Originally, I chose to live in apartments for the convenience of not having to cut grass and worry about appliances falling apart, but I’m turning 28 years old soon, and it’s time for me to branch out a little bit.

One of the things that have helped me cope with denying a great job opportunity was making the decision to start working on myself. Now that I know I’m not moving up anytime soon, or moving, I can start focusing more on my personal life. The reasoning isn’t important, it’s personal and that negativity is completely gone out of my life, but my work life used to be my main focus.

With that being said…I start going to the gym tomorrow. Once a week will be okay, but I’m gonna shoot for two times a week. For starters. Also, for starters, I’ll be drinking 3 Cokes a day to cut out my caffeine intake. I’m going to start out small, and work my way up. If it’s anything like last time, going to the gym will solve most of my problems with addictions and whatnot, so I won’t have to struggle for a long time. I want to start being healthy again, and I’ve lost track of that. I’ll be keeping results, but won’t be posting them on a regular…if at all. My vision is to document as much as possible my journey through videos, so if you’ll get an update on anything, it’s through a Youtube video. This may even be my last blog for another month; I’m not sure.

Just know that all is well. I hope you are well, AS WELL!