January 6th: First Blog of The Year


If there’s one thing I can’t stand, it’s cold weather. I really miss spring. I miss the warm weather. I miss walking outside and being glad that I wore short pants to work instead of long pants. Instead, I walk outside only to be greeted by the whisper of cold air saying “go back inside.” But I can’t because I’m an adult whose life would fall apart if I called into work saying “I’m quitting my job. Cya never.”

Life revolves around capitalism.

The consumption of money.

I’ve come to terms with it. It’s a fact of life. I’m happier now that I’m making enough money to actually support myself, and being able to spoil myself from time to time. On top of that, it’s nice being able to rent (even though I don’t own it) an apartment, which gives me the luxury of doing anything I want (within reason) without feeling judged. I’m not happy to work, I’m working to be happy. And as of right now…life is pretty great! Though work has given me wonderful opportunities to buy new cars, do some small traveling, my happiness is not solely based on working. I’m a human being first before anything else. We all have our dream jobs; it’s not that I don’t enjoy working for my company, it’s just that…though working is a large aspect of adulthood, it’s not the highlight of my life. Work is just a great way to create more memories and afford protection against things/people that want to break down our body composition as fast as possible.

It just really sucks when you step outside in the cold weather and realize that you’re gonna be working in that temperature for the majority of your waking day. I haven’t even had it that bad lately because I’ve been what you call a “fill-in supervisor.” I’ve been filling in for supervisor because another supervisor has been on short-term disability. His misfortune has helped me out because I’ve gotten hands-on training for when I actually become a supervisor. Typically, I’d be driving a fork-lift…and those things are like driving cars without windows at 10 miles an hour. It’s nice being able to keep my hands in my pocket, walk around, and tell everyone else what to do. It’s a change, and it’s been a nice change because some of the responsibilities that I have are responsibilities that most people try to avoid. There are some responsibilities that I enjoy more than others. I’m fortunate because I’ve worked towards having those responsibilities. I know how to do more than most people do at work, and I’m thankful for those opportunities to learn.

But…this freakin’ WEATHER! GOSH! How miserable it makes a person feel. Not just that, but the weather runs of the risk (RISK I SAY) of snowing, and we all know the consequences of SNOW! Forget about driving anywhere, unless you want to lose traction and slide against a side-walk!

Oh yeah! Cold weather is great.

But…it was my last day of work for the week, until next week! I’ve been told that the supervisor on STD will be back to work on Monday, which would mean that I’m no longer being a fill-in supervisor and, therefore, back to potentially doing responsibilities that everyone is trying to avoid.

Yesterday morning was kind of upsetting, though. My girlfriend’s schedule got switched up so I’m able to wake up next to her (which is great), but she got an e-mail from a company she applied for, and got denied. It breaks my heart a little bit because she works for a company that doesn’t value her, and she’s tried so hard to move up in her company. She’s been with the company for over 7 years, she’s gotten a little taste of management, but hasn’t quite gotten there yet. My girlfriend is a really intelligent person, and it really upsets me to see her experience these setbacks. I can’t say that I know how she feels because you never really know how someone really feels, but I’ve been in a situation a handful of years ago where I was working for a company for next to nothing. 7.45 an hour? How can you possibly expect a person to really enjoy what they do for 7.45 an hour? I was with that company for about 5-7 years, off and on. The highlight of my day was watching the live lobsters eat each other till one died.

So, yeah.

There’s some crap that I gotta deal with, but I can’t complain. Tax season is here, my girlfriend and I are set to move into another apartment complex where I’ll finally be getting a limited man-cave (I say “limited” because I can’t install a 5.1 500W surround sound system in the apartment), which will allow us to get a dog.

Supposedly, next month, I’ll be doing a responsibility at work that I really don’t want to do, but on the bright side…it’s also the month where my job will be moving people around in the company, and I may be one of those individuals who gets to be what I already do on paper. I hope so. Either way, life is still good, but but I really love the pursuit of something because it makes me happy. It feels good to know of future possibilities because I’m always reminded of how bad my life used to be, and how great it is now.

But that weather, though. Sheesh. How can you enjoy cold weather when your nose is running all day? Spring, come back.

My day wasn’t half bad. We finished our jobs right around the goal, if not before our daily goal, and I was, of course, the last person to finish. Yet again, I had to pick up a co-worker’s slack, but it’s the same co-worker I look up to in a supervisor.

It’s the weekend now. Tomorrow, my girlfriend will have to be at work in the later afternoon, which will give me some game time with some of my co-workers. We’ll be playing Fortnite on the PS4 pretty much all day, and I’ll be attempting to do some much needed apartment cleaning to prepare for our eventual (and finally arrived) move-out.

I’m tired, and I can hear my girlfriend shifting in the bed…which means she’s looking at the security cameras to see if I’m jerking off.

It’s time to go to bed.

Until next time…

Good night.

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